Der Kieler Kaufmann e.V.

The aim of the Kieler Kaufmann e.V. is to bring together its members and enhance the exchange of views among members and personalities from the world of economics, politics and culture, who are important for the economic life of Schleswig-Holstein. Furthermore, it promotes friendly contacts to commercial businesses abroad and at home. This takes place independently of party-political, idealogical and religious links.
Our historic hotel and business club has welcomed many guests from all over the world. Visitors and members have experienced intensive personalized hospitality in „Der Kieler Kaufmann“. Exquisite facilities and excellent service assure that all guests feel like being comfortably at home. In order to keep up and develop our high quality for future competition, we are currently extending and modernizing our historical house maintaining and improving the historical spirit with modern elements inside and outside. We proudly present and thank very much the individuals and companies contributing to this success of „Der Kieler Kaufmann“ - they are ensuring "Der Kieler Kaufmann" to remain the top restaurant and hotel facility in the city of Kiel and in the region for upcoming generations: